Edinburgh Colorectal Specialists



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The Edinburgh Colorectal Specialists LLP
are a surgical team which will provide you with a modern approach to the management of both basic and complex colorectal (bowel) and coloproctological ( tail end) complaints.

We will treat you in a sensitive yet thorough manner, utilising cutting edge imaging modalities and surgical techniques to treat your condition.

As a group we have more than 50 years consultant experience in the investigation and treatment of bowel disorders and we can deliver to you the most advanced techniques in surgery presently available for the optimal care of benign and malignant colorectal disease.

Our expertise covers the investigative and operative aspects of care for patients with

Colorectal cancer
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Functional Bowel Disorders
Peria-anal conditions

Our spectrum of general surgical experience also covers the treatment of hernia defects and the removal of simple skin lumps.

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